Photography Classes

Would you love to learn how to take better photographs?  Do you have a digital camera but are a little intimidated by it? Then you will love my basics photogaphy class!

Take control of your camera…

The automatic settings on your camera can be handy but it can also be very limiting especially if you are looking to create a beautiful image.  So if you would love to know your Apeture from your ISO then look no further… In one day I can teach you all the knowledge and skills you need to start making the most of your camera.

Composition – Learn little tricks to make your images more interesting and less like snaps.

Get off auto – Learn each of the different settings on your camera and when is the best time to use them.

Control – Stop using your camera like a compat and start taking control of your photography.


In the course I cover:

  • Handling and care of your camera
  • Introduction to exposure
  • Camera Settings
  • Choosing the correct setting for the image
  • Light
  • Composition
  • Putting it into practice with feedback on your images

We will start the course at my photography Studio in Dumfries where, over a cuppa and a bsicuit we will go over the technical side (you will receive a handout with all the details) then after a short break we will move outdoors to put into practice all we have discussed.

Whether as a treat for yourself (we all deserve one now and again..) or as a thoughtful gift my basic photography course makes a great present and a fun day out!


Next course date Sunday 30th April 2023 


For future course dates or if you would like to know more: