The clocks are changing – what do you need to do!

Spring Forward, Fall Back

My guide to helping you manage the clocks changing…

As a baby photographer in Dumfries, my clients have shared with me their worries and concerns around this time and the clocks changing so I decided to do some research and have put together some hints and tips that I hope will help you prepare baby and you for the clocks changing.

Add to that I am as a mum of 2 girls I am very aware of the worries than come with the changing of the clocks, gone are the days when we used to long for that extra hour in bed… (well actually not so much now as my two are at the stage of sleeping more than the proverbial baby…. :))  To be honest with only 19 months between my girls I usually forgot about the clock change until it was too late to be proactive about it which usually resulted in me worrying about them being up super early.  As Isla, who was an early riser anyway this usually meant a pre 6am wake up call…

Tip 1 –  If possible try adjusting your child’s bedtime routine by a few minutes over the days or even better weeks before the clocks are due to change.  Adjust your timings by 15 minutes earlier or later depending on the season every few days until their bedtime has moved.   By the time the clocks have changed your babies routine and sleeping pattern will hopefully allow them to stay in bed until the correct wake-up time.  If your wee one still naps during the day remember to adjust these accordingly too!

Tip 2 – Lots of fresh air and exercise makes for a sleepy baby but make sure they are not too energised within around 3 hours of their bedtime, use this time to start winding down and preparing for bed

Tip 3 – Create an environment to aid sleep – a dark room is invaluable to promote sleep as is a comfortable temperature of between 16-20C.  Using a nightlight and, my favourite, playing soothing music can help reassure a wee one who is easily unsettled at night.  Check out Kid-Nap Dumfries for sleep aids and general advice of all things baby!

Tip 4 – Relax – As adults we all need our time to relax at the end of the busy day and our wee ones are no different.  Encourage baby to spend time winding down prior to sleep, take the chance to practice your baby massage Rose Wellbeing Therapies is a great local business who shares lots of advice, read a story or simply share some cuddle time.

Tip 5 – Routine – I am endless about routines with my girls as it is so important for health and well being!  Encourage good sleep habits by keeping a regular schedule both going to bed and getting up in the morning, the experts recommend not allowing your regular sleep and awake times to move by any more than an hour (even at the weekend…)  Practice the same routine every night if possible, about 30 minutes before bedtime consider

  • A warm relaxing bath, avoid playtime for this bath keep it chilled!
  • Take baby straight into their bedroom to get dried and dressed ready for bed
  • Dim the lights – this helps the brain prepare for sleep by producing a hormone, melatonin.
  • Read a story but again a relaxing one – save the funny stories for during the day.
  • Tuck baby in and say goodnight

Tip 6 –  Go to bed in good time yourself in the lead up to the clocks changing – This seems so obvious but I know myself how often I have thought about an early night then starting watching a film or scrolling through social media.  If you are well rested yourself it is so much easier to manage these changes for your wee one!

Tip 7 – Don’t worry – Babies are just mini versions of us and like us they have good days and some that well just aren’t as good… Some things you try might work a treat and others may not but keep going you will find the balance for you and your baby in time!!

sleep baby posed in a wrap by newborn photographer Dumfries

I hope these tips will help in achieving a baby as sleepy as this handsome young man but if nothing else hopefully it will alleviate some of the worries you may have over the clocks changing but if all fails (or if like me when the girls were wee I kept forgetting what day it was never mind what month) it should only take a few days for baby to get back into a routine.

Good Luck!


Baby Photographer Dumfries

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