Is newborn photography safe in this strange new world?

Before I start to answer this in full let me just flip the question round – was newborn photography safe in our ‘old’ normal? 

Unfortunately, this is not just a straightforward answer, as although it should be, it isn’t always! 

This is where you as parents will need to do a bit of detective work when choosing your newborn photographer: it is so easy to fall in love with beautiful images of babies but we should always look beyond the wow images!   

So once you have found the images you love on Facebook, please dig a little deeper, look at the reviews people leave both the good and the not so good.  

baby girl sleeping with headband by newborn Photographer Dumfries
  1. Has the photographer worked with someone you know? If so, reach out to them and get their feedback, personal recommendation is worth its weight in gold! 
  1. Reach out to the photographer and have a chat with them, either in person on the phone or by email/messenger. You will be spending a good couple of hours with your newborn photographer during the session, so you need to know that you will be comfortable with them!!
  2. Ask the photographer more info about how the session works, I cover all of this in more detail here if you would like a bit more reading


Now let’s get back to today and our initial question: is newborn photography safe in our ‘new’ normal?

You won’t be surprised to hear the answer again is it should be, but isn’t always… 

Until now I have put the onus on you as parents to be so let me take some of that responsibility back and tell you what I do to make sure you and your baby are as comfortable and safe as they can be!

When I started my journey as a newborn photographer over 9 years ago I only had to concern myself with making mummies and daddies comfortable while I concentrated on keeping baby warm, comfortable and safe and over the years through photographing hundreds of babies, regular training and personal development I have tweaked what I do to make sure everyone has the best possible experience. 

Fast forward to spring 2020 and CODIV-19… 

To be honest I really haven’t had to change the way I work too much. Why? 

There are a few reasons but primarily because my clients are tiny and so very vulnerable that I had a really strict cleaning and safety routine in place even before the pandemic. 

Here are just a few things I do for every session

–       Only one newborn session per day

–       Check all items that baby is in contact with for faults 

–       All fabrics that baby is in contact with are washed using anti-bacterial cleaning products 

–       All props baby is in contact with are cleaned using antibacterial products 

–       All client areas are cleaned and sprayed using antibacterial products. 

In addition to all this I train every year to ensure that I keep up to date with best practice and I regularly renew my paediatric first aid training.

And here is what do I do now that I didn’t before…

–       I wear a face mask throughout the session 

–       I ask parents to use hand sanitiser when entering the studio

–       I ask parents to wear a face mask when we can’t socially distance. 

–       I practice social distancing (not always easy for a natural born hugger…)


So to answer the initial question is newborn photography safe in this strange new world – yes it is with the right newborn photographer!

As a newborn photographer I want my clients to have beautiful images to cherish for a lifetime but I also want them to have the best possible experience when they come to the studio which is why newborn photography is such a passion of mine!  

I do my very best to ensure the quality of my work, the products I offer and the care I offer to my clients are the best I can offer!

If you would like to know more about a newborn session click here

Or drop me a message if you would like to chat! 


sleep baby posed in a wrap by newborn photographer Dumfries