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I am a mum of two girls who are now 12 and 10.  The older the girls get the more I find myself thinking back to the time when they were babies, I can recall being in hospital with them (vividly), I can recall their first smiles, foods, steps, tantrums but try as I might I simply can’t remember the first week at home when I think back it is just a blur of sleep deprivation and nappies.  When I had the girls newborn photography simply wasn’t available to me which is one of the reasons I am so passionate about it.  I know what the blur of sleep deprivation is like, the days and nights merge from one to the other and soon baby isn’t so tiny and squishy.

As a newborn photographer and a mum I try to make having your own newborn photographs taken as simple as possible.

To start the process I recommend booking your newborn baby portrait session just after your 20 week scan.  At this stage we simply reserve you a ‘floating session’ which we will confirm once baby arrives.  Once we have reserved your session I will send over all the information you need to help prepare for the photography session.

As I like to photograph babies under 10 days old I ask that you let me know as soon as you can that baby has arrived and we will arrange the actual date and time of the session.  I recommend having the session while baby is under 10 days new.  At this stage baby has generally established feeding while still being tiny, squishy and sleepy which allows me to create the beautiful peaceful images we associated with newborn baby photographs.  The other primary reason is that (usually) your partner is still on paternity leave and available to help, this is especially important if you have had a c-section.

The Actual Session

The newborn portrait session will take place in my home studio in Dumfries and as my sessions are baby led I ask that you allow 2-3 hours this will give us lots of time to settle in, feed and cuddle baby as they require and allow me to create a series of beautiful images that you will treasure.  I supply all the props for the session however if you have something special in mind please bring it along and I will include it during the session.  At the end of the session we will arrange a date about 10 days later for you to come back for your personal portrait ordering appointment where you will view your beautifully prepared images.

The End Result

This will probably be the hardest part for you, as I want you to think as part of your session preparation, what you want from the session – I will ask you that exact question when you come to see me!  Do you want a stunning statement piece for above the cot, a collection of images to create your own personal work of art on the wall or perhaps you would rather an album of all the images to treasure those tiny details.

Most asked Questions

I have added below the answers to the questions I am asked most often:-

When is best to book? – While pregnant, as I have a limited number of session in the diary please contact me as early as you can to secure your due date.

When is the best time for the session? – Newborn portraits are best undertaken when baby is under 10 days old, my preference is 7 days.  I have also found through experience that the best time for the session is 11am

What if baby arrives before or after their due date? – Don’t worry I know that only 4% of babies arrive on their actual due date so I have arranged my diary to allow lots of flexibility.  Just contact me as soon as you can after baby has arrived and we will firm up the date of the session.

Where does the session take place? – In my home studio in Dumfries.

How long does the session take? – I ask that you allow 2-3 hours and expect a relaxing experience.

Do I need to do anything? – Once we have your ‘floating appointment’ reserved I will send you over all the information you need to help prepare for the session.

Do I have to be in the photographs? – No you don’t but I strongly recommend that you do!  We are creating your first memories as a family which your baby will always treasure.

Can I bring older siblings? – Yes, please let me know and we can prepare for their part in the session to suit their age.

What if my baby won’t sleep? – Don’t worry just sit back and relax.  I am very patient and with the right soothing environment babies eventually sleep.

What if my baby has flaky skin or jaundice – Again don’t worry I will work my magic to make baby their beautiful best!

What can I buy? – I have a large range of products for you to choose from.  Prices range from £75 to £1295 – After your portrait session I will walk you through all my products and explain all the options.  You will also receive a product guide to take away with you and look through before your portrait ordering appointment.

Hopefully I have answered all the questions you may have but if there is anything you are unsure of or you would like to secure your own newborn portrait session just email or fill in the contact from and I will give you a call for a chat!

Look forward to speaking to you soon.

Fiona x


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