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Newborn Portait photography, Dumfries


I don’t know about you but I am a real sucker for some pretty new stuff so when my backdrop supplier sent me an email I couldn’t resist having a wee look and I just had to have one of her new backdrops.  It was beautiful online and I have to say it is even more so in person.  In fact it is so lovley that I couldn’t wait for my next client so my handy helper Starr came to my rescue.

Before I let you see it I thought I would also take the opportunity to pose Starr in some of the most commonly requested newborn photography poses for you to see.


Newborn sized doll posed for newborn baby photographs

In newborn photography this pose is commonly refered to as the side pose and is one of the most popular poses.  It is one of my favouries as well as you can see all the little details of the hands and toes! 

newborn doll lying on a flowery blanket




Newborn photography is all about the details!

The side pose is a great time to capture the wee details that are so important in remembering how tiny your baby is at this stage.  I love this pose and crop for highlighting tiny fingers and button noses!!

newborn baby doll posed in bum up for photographs

The bum up poses its also very popular, again allowing you to see all the little details and (if Starr had any) is great for all the wee squishy rolls on her side!! 

image of newborn baby girl doll during photography session

Head on hands 

This pose is one of my favourites, for safety baby has to be in a very deep sleep so doesn’t happen during every session.  

flower headband highlighting on newborn doll during photography shoot

This is not an angle I usually take an image from during a normal newborn photography session and I only chose it as I wanted to highlight the lovley headband that goes with this set.  However when I look at it now all Starr’s little fine details are highlighted beautifully so I might need to give it a try in my next session.

This is also a lovley image to highlight hairbands, they are often a bit ‘marmite’ with clients as they worry they will be very dominant.  All the hairbands I use are specialised photography props and are designed to compliment the set up and baby.  That said I always take some images without headbands as well.

newborn doll wrapped in teal on flowery backdrop

Huck Finn

Don’t ask me why this pose is known in the newborn photography industry as Huck Finn as I honestly have no idea… :))

Again this is a beautiful pose for highlighting baby’s hands and feet, this can be achieved unwrapped (although baby needs to be very sleepy to keep all the limbs in place!) as well as wrapped.  Wrapping tends to be a term photographers use and is in essence swaddling however it is done in a very controlled environent with great care and attention.  A lot of first time parents are unsure of wrapped images but it is an amazing tool to help an unsettled baby settle.  I think I may have just given Starr another wee job, to help me highlight the types of wrapped images.  Keep an eye out for that one!


I hope you agree that this set is very beautiful I am looking forward to putting it to good use in due course.

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Thanks Fiona x