Much has been said about bump and maternity photos (and photoshoots) being a
way of celebrating your pregnancy, but the topic is often at the centre of debates in
a number of mums’ forums:

Should you have your portraits taken? Are they worth it? And do you have to look
like a photoshopped model?

Pregnant lady wearing grey dress holding her bump


While today it’s not surprising, nor shocking, for us to see photographs of beautiful
bumps and glowing mums-to-be, it wasn’t always like this.

You might not remember (or have experienced this first-hand), but not too long ago
pregnancy wasn’t something we would show and celebrate openly in all its glory.

In some cases, it was more of a hidden “whispered about” matter and images of your
bump definitely not something you would share with the world.

Then 1991 came…

And (nude) photographs of a very pregnant Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair with it!

While, of course, we are not suggesting that Demi Moore (nor Vanity Fair…) single handedly changed the way we look at and talk about pregnancy, that article definitely opened the conversation.


It’s true, photographs capture and frame a moment in time.

But there is more to it.

Always, and possibly even more so when it comes to maternity photoshoots.

Think about it…

There is not “one” journey to pregnancy: we all get to that point in our lives in different ways, at different ages and in such a diverse sets of circumstances – and photographs are a way of celebrating this most personal of journeys in all its glory, what ever it may look like.


Now if we think of a maternity session as a celebration of your personal journey, it becomes clear why choosing the right photographer is essential: your photoshoot is not a beauty shot, it is an intimate and intense look at who you are as a woman.

Before anything else, it is a way of documenting in a creative, artistic way this time in your life.

In light of this, your photographers sensibility and craft are essential for capturing the dramatics of your body in a natural, beautiful and wholesome way.

While services like make-up and hairstyling might be included with your session the whole experience should not be (or feel) anything like a modelling session.


Yes I know what you are thinking!

Between the ankles, the tiredness, the heartburn, pregnancy does not always allow you to feel beautiful…

In fact, many woman report a reduction in their body confidence as their pregnancy progresses. Your ever expanding tummy may seem like the perfect excuse to avoid taking photos, but it really should be the opposite!

If this sounds like you, then the idea of having such intimate, personal portraits taken might make you want to run away.

The good news is that a specialised maternity photographer knows this, has very likely been where you are now and has a natural ability to bring joy, calm and positivity to your session.

All this, coupled with their technical expertise, will help you capture that unique, magical, beautiful pregnancy “glow”.


Time for some real talk.

During these 9 months, you won’t always feel like celebrating.

From the magical moment of the appearance of this two parallel lines on your pregnancy test, you dream of holding your new baby and you literally wish the next 36ish weeks away.

You have (or will) probably complained about your aching back, sleepless nights and frequent heartburn to your family and friends. “There is no way I’m going to miss this bump”, you state matter-of-factly while sweating buckets on a relatively cool day.

But as time goes on, you are going to miss that bump!

It won’t be at first, but as the months pass and your baby starts to crawl, you’ll scroll through your monthly pregnancy photos on your phone while absentmindedly rubbing your belly.

You may even find yourself uttering the words you never thought you would: “I miss being pregnant.”

The truth is, while pregnancy for some can be hard, there is something truly wonderful about it.

This little life, growing and developing, you feel their every hiccup, every kick, and every headbutt to your ribs.

You’re completely connected.

Once it’s all done with, you will find yourself wandering down nostalgia lane and remembering all those special moments, the first kicks and the ability to eat whatever you wanted, guilt-free.

You’ll miss the freedom of not needing to pack ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ into your changing bag for a simple trip out the house; the calm days of pregnancy and gently cradling that bump.

And that’s when you’ll start to wonder:

“Should I have had those maternity pictures done?” something that felt so special and precious, and seemed to go on for so long at the time, starts to become just a fleeting fond memory.

Life with a bump fades into the recesses of your mind, the only way to recollect it, some hastily taken phone images, in your bedroom mirror.

Surely that special time deserves more?

And YOU deserve more.

As a woman, as a mother. And so does your family.


If it’s true that a maternity photoshoot is a way of celebrating your journey, your story and who you are by capturing this once-in-a-lifetime moment, imagine what it would feel like to miss it.

Imagine what it feels like to keep regretting something you didn’t do, knowing it can never be done again.

If you miss a party, you know there will be another one. Didn’t buy THAT dress? There’ll be a better one. Skipped dessert at your favourite restaurant?

There will be MANY more.

But this time of your life, this exact one, will never come back.

Or if you would like to talk about options for your maternity photos? Then drop me a message to and we can have a chat.