Take Your Family Time Travelling…

Why Printing Your Pictures Is So Important!

I’ll bet you have used your phone to take a picture of your family over the past few days?  You might have used your phone camera today, you may even use your camera every day.  It has never been easier to take photographs – we all carry a camera in our telephone.  And yet our children have fewer physical prints to go and look at.

When I was wee I loved to look through old photographs, in fact I still do!  Each photograph had a story, whether that was a fond memory, a time I had forgotten or even family members I hadn’t met.  My favourites were the very old portraits, the ones that were obviously taken in a Victorian photography studio.  The print would be beautifully mounted into a card folder with a sheet of tissue paper to protect the image.  Thinking back I can still recall the feel of the card, the texture of the tissue paper and then the joy of revealing the photograph and hearing the story of the person within.  It was like looking back to a mysterious time of solemn faces and strange clothes.  I would spend hours immersed in thought learning about people, places and the times the pictures were taken.

Imagine if those precious memories were instead sitting on something that needed a machine to let me see them.  A machine that was around in the 40’s or even the 70’s.  Even if I had access to the machine that was needed would just seeing them hold the same magic for me?  Definitely not!

So have a think about where you store your own family photographs.  Are they on your mobile phone? A hard drive? CD? mini disc? Floppy disc? (can you even remember those last two?)  You get my point – technology is changing so rapidly that it can be difficult to keep up.  The must have storage of today is archived in favour of something new every few years.

The only way you can be sure to preserve your picture memories for your children and grandchildren is to print them.

Your Mobile Phone Pictures

For most of us, our mobile phones are where the majority of our ‘snaps’ are kept.  the everyday images of holidays, days out, toothy grins, first food and silly selfies.  These are the images your children will cherish when they grow up – you must, must, must print them!  It is easier now than ever to print directly from your phone – here are some suggestions:

My favourite and the one I use is Chatbooks the app sits on my phone and each month (you can set up the timescale you want) It takes the 60 most recently taken images from my phone pops them into a book and a few days later I get a beautiful photobook through the post.  (I have added a link above which gives you $10 discount if you sign up).

The other option I looked at was FreePrints photobooks which again is an app for your phone and offers free prints periodically as well.

There are loads of options to choose from and I would recommend trialling a couple to find what suits you best.

Your Professional Pictures

As well as their everyday snaps, many families choose to have a professional photographer, like me, capture those all important milestones.  Whether it be a new addition to the family, a slightly significant birthday or an update to the family portrait all are important and should include all the family, yes even the dog, which is why having a professional photographer is so important as they will capture you (mum included..) in a perfect setting looking your very best.

The portraits I produce at my photography studio in Dumfries are designed around your family whether that be you and your children having fun interacting together or a more classic, formal, black and white portrait.   I chat to all my clients about their hopes and expectations from the session to ensure that what we achieve together a series of beautiful images that will be displayed in a way that suits your lifestyle.

I offer clients a range of wall art from the beautifully classic framed portrait

To the ultra sleek and modern Aluminium portrait

Or if you simply can’t narrow down your selection you can choose from the stunning portrait box

Or my beautiful album which is hand finished in Italy.

All the products I offer are designed to stand the test of time, in fact I am so confident in the quality of the workmanship that I give you a lifetime (mine not yours..) guarantee for them!  Printed photographs play such a large part in our growth and development and there is lots of evidence to show it boosts self-esteem confidence and contentment when your portraits are displayed in your home. I want you to have your beautiful portraits whether they are taken by a professional portrait photographer like me or are simply the snaps from your phone having pride of place in your home for you to treasure for many many years to come!!

So please, please, please print your photographs!!

Thanks Fiona x

PS if you would like to know more about a family portrait please email me fiona@fionamckeanphotgraphy.com or fill in the contact form and I will get back to you.