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Why I think parents should be included in newborn photos…


We have been through a period of time where we couldn’t see our nearest and dearest and hugs, even now, are still out of the question and the only medium that is able to bridge this distance and time is the printed image.  Looking at a photograph catapults you back into the moment and reminds you of the happiness that it brought you and for this reason I am almost evangelical about parents being included in their babies first photography session.  I quite simply am captivated by the love and joy that a new baby brings to a family.

I know the reality is probably totally different, you will in all likelihood have had a sleepless night (or two..) you will probably still be a little uncomfortable after having had baby and there may even be a little baby sick in your hair or on your clothes.   But I don’t see this, I see the beauty and warmth a new baby brings and the over whelming love you have for your new addition.  I always encourage family photos within my Signature newborn photography session and they generally end up amongst the absolute favourites in the final gallery.


mum, dad and baby boy cuddling by baby photographer Dumfries

Fiona McKean Photography Dumfries newborn photographer parents in newborn photos


I know what you are thinking, getting out the house on time with a baby who is only days old will not help a tired mum or a stressed out dad to feel their best, you just want to capture your beautiful baby in all their squishy cute glory and are not too fussed about being in front of the camera yourself.  It isn’t for everyone but I always say if we take some images and they never see the light of day we haven’t lost anything but if we do create some beautiful images for you to that you and baby will treasure we have everything to gain!!

black and white photography of mum and dad cuddling a new baby

Fiona McKean Photography newborn photography studio Dumfries baby girl held by mum and dad


I get it, I really do, you might not feel your best so soon after giving birth or your haven’t had time to brush your hair let alone apply make-up but let me try and put your mind at ease.

Firstly I usually take my parent images towards the end of the session so while I am in my element creating gorgeous images of your baby and enjoying the cuddles that come as part of the process you can sit back and take some time to relax, you will even have time to brush your hair and pop some make-up on if you like.  My parent portraits are usually taken from the waist up so there is no need to worry about the dreaded mummy tummy – this is one of the main reasons mums give for not being in the photographs.  I also send some information out when you confirm your session on what to think about when deciding what to wear and one of the first things I mention is comfort so don’t worry about dressing up!

Are you convinced yet?

Well how about my last couple of points, firstly and probably most importantly these images are really not for you.  These are for your beautiful baby to look back on, to give them a sense of security and belonging, to know how loved they were even from the very beginning.  These precious moments will become their treasured memories for many years to come.  My second point is if you really, really don’t want to be in the images you can still be in them, confused?  Let me show you…


black and white image of baby being held up in mums hands

Fiona McKean Photography baby photographer Dumfries baby in mums hands



black and white photograph of baby in dads hands

Fiona McKean Photography newborn photography studio Dumfries baby in dads hands



black and white photography of parents holding baby

Fiona McKean Photography newborn portrait studio Dumfries baby in parents hands



Baby in parents hands are among my most popular images, and the image of baby in mum and dads hands makes a stunning wall art, a beautiful addition to any home!


image of three newborn portraits framed and displayed on a wall of a living room beside a fireplace

Fiona McKean Photography newborn portraits Dumfries baby in parents hands as wall art display


Have I convinced you?  I hope I have as I am sure you will treasure these images especially once the first blur of parenthood has past and you look back on how your beautiful bundle has grown and developed!

If you would like to know more about my Signature Newborn Portrait session give me a shout on 01387 2662229 or complete the contact form and I will give you a call or if I have convinced you and you would like to secure your due date click the link below to book now.



Thanks and I look forward to capturing these very precious moments for your amazing family!

Fiona x